New released Tandem Axle Model

Davimac Dualaxle

We are now proud to introduce to you our newly released Tandem Axle Chaser Bin Model.

Since the initial release of our 36" and 24" track undercarriages in 2015, demand for tracked bins has been much higher than originally expected. Farmers are adopting track-type undercarriages for the benefit of widening harvest windows by increasing flotation and reducing soil compaction under the high capacity chaser bins now used to get the crop out of the paddock.

Because of the high demand, we decided to withhold releasing our newest dual axle models Although the concept is not new, having previously built dual axle bins, but with the high demand for its track undercarriage bins we did not have the capacity to release the model two years ago. 

However during that time, we had the opportunity to listen to customer feedback, and watch how our bins were being put to work. This focus on our customers needs has helped evolve and improve the range.

The new dual axle model now forms part of our range of options for wheeled and tracked chaser bins. The design is purpose built with a desire for it to be robust and simple. 

The bin has a heavy duty, tandem walking beam assembly with a 12 stub hub and a combined rating of 80 tonnes. Also standard, the bin features our unique cushion hitch and longer reach auger systems.

The bin will be on display at a range of field days across the nation, starting at Farmfest in QLD.

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Very Satisfied

Bin worked very well to my expectation

- Terry Spackman


I'm very impressed with my chaser bin & the personal service

- Bendrick Murell


Very well built products & good back-up

- Bordertown