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Strategic Vision at Davimac

We were stoked to see our digital partner Big Blue Digitalrecognise our aim for boosting productivity. We have worked hard over the last month to meet our business target of building 1 seed drill a day to reduce our turn around time. This is a result of team design

Another Happy Customer!

More great feedback has been received from a happy Davimac customer!  Terry Spackman from NSW purchased a Davimac Chaser Bin last season after hearing about our business by word of mouth. Top marks were received in all areas including Overall Experience Customer Service Distributo

Direct Drilling in Demand

Its a busy time here at Davimac. This season has seen a huge demand in seed drills. For the last two year we have been hit with dry conditions. Paddocks have mostly dried up and farmers are now looking to renovate their pastures while trying to retain the moisture in the soil.; Orders curren

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Very Satisfied

Bin worked very well to my expectation

- Terry Spackman


I'm very impressed with my chaser bin & the personal service

- Bendrick Murell


Very well built products & good back-up

- Bordertown