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Ready to Go Stock Online!

Looking for a seed drill now without the turn around time! You can now view online our new and used ready-to-go stock- waiting for you at your local dealer! Follow this link to view our current stocked seed drill!

Seed Drills in stock

Our fantastic dealer, Rhys Evans in Colac, Victoria have two Davimac DF Seed Drills in stock and ready to go!  Our Davimac DF Seed Drills are great for farmers wanting to sow right up to a boundary. The Df features an equal sowing width to the overall width and is designed for maximum land u

Strategic Vision at Davimac

We were stoked to see our digital partner Big Blue Digitalrecognise our aim for boosting productivity. We have worked hard over the last month to meet our business target of building 1 seed drill a day to reduce our turn around time. This is a result of team design

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Very Satisfied

Bin worked very well to my expectation

- Terry Spackman


I'm very impressed with my chaser bin & the personal service

- Bendrick Murell


Very well built products & good back-up

- Bordertown