Chaser bins upgraded from top to bottom


Every harvest is valuable, and never moreso than during tough conditions when rainfall is down and yields are variable to say the least. Davimac chaser bins are designed to offer maximum harvest efficiency to ensure each and every crop offers maximum returns. Now Davimac have upgraded their chaser bin from top to bottom, with stronger, tougher roll tarps and redesigned track undercarriages.

“Our development process is never stops,” says Deon Stapelberg, Davimac design lead. “These upgrades can come from anywhere - from feedback from customers, to the iterative design that led to these latest updates.”

“Yields are down all over the place, so we knew it was important for every bin we make to offer maximum value. Better protecting farmers’ yields with tougher roll tarps is just one more way we can do that.”

The new roll tarp consists of heavy-duty 900gsm European PVC. The material is made from UV-stabilised panama-woven polyester, which offers significant gains in strength and tenicity, as well as resistance to damage and wear from sun exposure. This sturdy construction ensures a load of grain inside a Davimac chaser bin will stay well protected from damaging heat and light. It also means the tarps have a much longer lifespan, ensuring farmers can rely on them season after season.

roll tarp across the top of 25t chaser binrear of roll tarp across top of Davimac chaser bin

“We looked around at various manufacturers before settling on this design,” says Deon. “We wanted something tough and durable, that we could rely on to work again and again.”

The tarps also feature one hundred percent heat-welded bonding and reinforced webbing that reduces stretching while maintaining a waterproof fit covering the load. They rolll neatly across the top of the bins creating a firm seal that excludes water ingress and granting increased durability for the tarp.

The track undercarriages have also been upgraded. The new design features 24” and 36” wide tracks that offer five degrees of roll along the axle in addition to fifteen degrees of pitch. This allows the tracks to reliably traverse irregular terrain with minimal loss of traction or undue stress on the undercarriage.

The tracks also require less maintenance, with the three grease nipples reduced to just one, meaning machine owners have one less job to worry about when caring for their equipment.

rear of track undercarriage chaser bin 35t track

“The goal with our Vimcor tracks has always been to offer superior movement over all types of terrain,” explains Davimac director Shannon McNab. “No paddock is perfectly level; there’s hills and gullies and obstacles everywhere that operators have to negotiate. The improved Vimcor tracks on Davimac chaser bins means farmers can trust that their gear can handle whatever stumps, hidden rocks, or burrows they happen across.”

The upgraded Vimcor tracks support a total load capacity of 55 tons and are available in either 2.6 or 3m wheel centers. They are standard across all new tracked chaser bins, meaning every bin owner can benefit from the improved stability and reliability offered by this new design.


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